(Connor W. Fitzgerald)

I am a self-taught systems programmer building programs for fun.
I like Graphics, High-Performance Software, and Transportation (i.e. Trains).
This is my website.



Standalone renderer library designed to show open worlds with the highest performance. Fully gpu-based pipeline using Descriptor Indexing, GPU Object Culling, and Clustered Forward Lighting.

With over 445 stars on github, is the first powerful, easy to use, and performant rust rendering library.

My capstone/graduation project. Started in September 2020.

As of 2021-01-07, the following things are implemented:
  • Reverse Infinite Depth
  • Bindless Materials
  • GPU Frustum Culling
  • Multi-Draw Indirect
  • Physically Based Lighting
The following things are in the works:
  • Clustered Forward Lighting w/ GPU Culling
  • Cascading Shadow Maps
  • Reflection/Global Illumination Probes
  • Screen Space Ambient Occlusion
  • Screen Space Reflections
  • Animation & Skinning



Open Source Train Simulator. Rewrite of OpenBVE in Rust and wgpu.

Renderer features:
  • Reverse Infinite Depth
  • Order Independent Transparency
  • Clustered Forward Lighting
  • GPU Light Culling



Safe Rendering API in Rust. Serves as WebGPU implementation for both Firefox and Rust.
As a member and contributor, I've added extensions for Descriptor Indexing, Multi-Draw Indirect, and many more, bringing the most up to date features to our users. I have also fixed and triaged many logic, validation, and performance bugs.


Distributed Blender renderfarm which I am an admin on and host servers for.

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